Frame v1.0.0


A personal projects website based on Nodejs for high school students to show their works.
v1.0.0 was finished in 10 hrs.


Frame was built initially for high school students to present their works in an elegant and simple way.
Frame's goal is to let students who don't have programming experience can also be able to set up their own websites for displaying purpose. Though at current state, v1.0.0, students still need some knowledge related to web programming, especially nodejs, json, and pug, this should be achieved in next version, v2.0.0.
Frame utilizes MongDB as its database. This allows users to dynamically load their descriptions about their projects and websites directly from databases rather than using local HTML files.
For handling requests, Frame use express and pug.


  • MongDB Database
  • Nodejs
  • Packages
  • Currently need some programming experience


  • To Be Continued

Data Sturture


	name: For URL purpose,
	title: Page title,
	description: Page description,
	subtitle: Secondary title,
	subdescription: Secondary description,
				reason: Why like these,
				detail: Plain detail,


	title: Project title/name,
	summary: Introduction of project,
	detail: Project description,
	picurl: Intro picture URL,
	url: Project page URL,
	star: Outstanding project or not,
	date: Start date of project,
	gitrepo: Git repository url


  • Use config.json to load essential info like MongDB URL, author name, social media url, etc.
  • One-click install
  • Add Dashboard
    • Add auth to let owner login
    • Add online editor
    • Add multiple themes
    • Add Customizer
  • Add native pic support, use server itself for storing pictures
  • Multiple file version support, e.g. voice, video
  • Use markdown for text editing
  • More auto generated info
    • project.url should be generated by code
    • etc.
  • More timeline
    • Tree
    • Horizon
    • Vertical
    • Others
  • Avoid being a nodejs version of WordPress



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